Company Vision & Values 

IT Works Health operates across a number of public sector frameworks including the Non Medical, Non Clinical Resource Framework.

Our delivery model allows us to work with many NHS Trusts across the country offering services that the larger corporate recruiters (plc’s) cannot provide. All of the suppliers of this framework are rated in terms of overall spend (including the contractor wages) to show who is performing best. As such, it is our goal to become the number one supplier of IT (IT LOT) staff to the NHS via this route to market for our customers.

From October 2014 IT Works Health are 3rd placed supplier of IT staffing resource to the NHS via the NMNC, not bad for a specialist SME recruiter from Lancashire.

We also recognise the need within the private health sector for specialist skills; not only with many health software vendors but with private hospitals. We want to become the “go to” people in our respective markets to offer an executive search and selection solution to our clients with a direct or head hunting service is needed.

And lastly, we want our employees to aspire to become forward thinking entrepreneurial leaders within our business. This is something we are passionate about because we recognise that our people are our business and so are yours. We want to support your organisation to grow and prosper.

Our Values 


At IT Works we recognise the greatest assets to any business is it’s people. That’s why we spend the majority of our time getting to know you and what you want from your working life. We are a candidate focused business. We work in your best interests and rather than wait for the vacancy to come up and then call you, we prefer to take more of a proactive view and “take the mountain to Mohammed”.


How frustrating is it when you are called by a recruiter and they don’t have a clue what you do? We train our consultants to become experts in your sector and really understand what it is you do. We then do the hard work and contact our clients and represent you in your own best interests. We aspire to be “the expert” or go to guys in our markets. Working with experts gives you some real advantages, not only understanding the difference you make but also the problems that organisations have without your skill sets making it easier to sell the benefits you offer.


Recruitment isn’t rocket science, it’s thinking outside the box and lots of hard work. Each client has a unique problem which is usually slightly different every time, and we always want to see if we can make improvements or offer something that allows them a faster hire. We offer a flexible approach such as our Working Interview that allows you to fill your vacancy instantly with one of our experts and assess their suitability in a working environment. Our working interviews are free until you decide you are happy with the quality of work and they are over 98% successful.


We intend to work with you for a long time so enjoy the journey.

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