NMNC Framework

IT Works Health provides niche skills and talent to the Healthcare arena via The Crown Commercial Service for hundreds of NHS Trusts across the UK.

• You will benefit from expert advice from consultants trained not only on the recruitment process but also trained on the system or specialism relevant to your vacancy

• You will also benefit from purchasing a contract resource via a compliant and sustainable route to the market place through the NMNC framework managed by The Crown Commercial Service. This protects you and the contractor in areas around unfair daily pay and charge rates and many other minimum service levels.

Working through the NMNC Frameworks saves the NHS Trusts thousands of pounds each year whilst providing a compliant route to market for those hard to find skills.

The NMNC framework agreement was developed to:

• Utilise and reflect the Agenda for Change pay rates. 
• Introduce a single point of contact for all requisitions, queries and interim personnel issues.
• Deliver significant invoice management efficiencies through the introduction of consolidated invoicing.
• Provide regular and detailed management information.
• Reduce the administrative burden related to the engagement of interim personnel.
• Improve the time taken to engage interim personnel.
• Improve the quality, availability and performance of interim personnel.
• Manage and mitigate the legal risks associated with engaging interim personnel.

The procurement was undertaken using the restricted procedure and two-stage evaluation process following stakeholder involvement to develop the specification and offering. Stakeholders included NHS Trusts, strategic health authorities and suppliers.

IT Works Health also support customers on a number of other frameworks including G-Cloud and CL One working with hundreds of NHS Trusts, and also supporting bodies such as HSCIC and NHS England.


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