We’re Connecting Experts

We’re Connecting Experts

We’re Connecting Experts

IT Works Health provides Project and Systems Specialists to the NHS and Private Sector healthcare markets, within the UK.

Established in 2004, we are widely regarded as the experts within our field and have and built up an extensive reputation to deliver everything from; full EPR Implementation Teams, Floorwalking Teams for pre and post go-live support or individual Trainers, Project Managers and System Specialists.

Whether your organisation is Implementing, Stabilising, or Optimising systems, we remain the preferred partner of resource for organisations and the first port of call for systems experts looking for their next career move.

We’re Connecting Experts, and by delivering results and successful outcomes, we accelerate careers and change lives for the better.

Market Specific Recruiters

You’ve probably come across the phrase “inch wide, mile deep” and this is true of our focus. Our recruiters are market specific and know their stuff.

We will never claim to be experts in the technology (that’s your job) but we are experts in the people and the strategy within the technology.


We know what’s happening, where and when.

Clients trust us to be their resource partner. Systems Experts trust us with their career.

No challenge is too large and no concern is too unimportant when it comes to supporting our Clients and System Specialists. You matter to us.


We are on relevant industry frameworks to support public sector organisations effectively.
IT Works Health can support you from start to finish, whether it be via the Crown Commercial Services framework (CCS), Digital Outcomes (DOS), NHS Outcomes Framework (NHS OF) or G-Gloud.
Private Sector clients: having worked effectively with the IR35 legislation for years in the Public Sector, we are best placed to help and advise you of any legislative change in the Private Sector. Your projects and goals need not change just because legislation does…talk to us.

Poor hires cost your business money.

Let us help.​

Nowhere attracts more focus on extensive spending than Healthcare organisations. Budget constraints in the public and private purse and the demand for ever increasing return on investment, means that organisations need the right people, first time, every time.


Noun –  a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic.

"his knowledge of his subject earned him a reputation as an expert"

Our desire is to remain the ‘go-to-experts’ for the NHS and private healthcare communities - we must be doing something right with expanding partnered success… since 2004.

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Check out our latest market insights

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